Logo to company’s Wikipedia page


Logo added to company’s Wikipedia article

Let an experienced Wikipedian help to add the logo you want to your Wikipedia article.


Does your company’s Wikipedia article contain wrong logo or is it missing completely?


Let Johanna Janhonen help you. She has been a paid Wikipedia editor over a decade now.


Note that the logo can be added only if

  • it is found from the web and
  • if the company has a Wikipedia article already.

This offer is for logos only.


After you’ve paid for the product Johanna will contact you within two work days (not during weekends or Finnish national holidays that is). She is sending you an email to find out which logo you’d like to be added.


Johanna Janhonen who?

Johanna Janhonen has been writing to Wikipedia for her customers since 2010. But Johanna is not only a paid editor – she is also part of the global Wikimedia movement. She has been in the board of Wikimedia Finland for three years and was volunteering in Wikimania 2019 leading the social media team for the most important yearly seminar of Wikimedia community. In Finland she is among the top-50 most productive Wikipedia editors. So far she has been more active in Finnish Wikipedia but the amount of English edits is constantly growing.  As a Wikimedia member she respects the COI (conflict of interest) rules and is, unlike many other paid editors following the reporting rules very strickly. That’s why she has got a “barnstar”: