Hidden treasure

MSc Johanna Janhonen of Hidden treasure is consulting her customers with Wikipedia. Mrs Janhonen lives in Finland, so in case you can read Finnish, go see 🇫🇮 Piilotettu aarre 🇫🇮.

Ops – I guess you just learnt some new words! “Piilotettu aarre” means indeed “Hidden treasure”. When Johanna started her own company back in 2010 she chose a very long name for it: “Hidden treasure – Piilotettu aarre”. As she had had already a long international career (ever heard of Nokia?) she wanted to continue that.

Today the company is already 12 years old.

In Finland Piilotettu aarre is offering for example social media trainings and workshops and arranging a yearly seminar for community managers called #CMADFI. Johanna also writes columns and creates content in Finnish Wikipedia being among the 100 most active Wikipedians in Finland at the moment.

Globally Hidden treasure is concentrated in Wikipedia offering trainings and consultation for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.

So nice that you found Johanna’s hidden treasure!

William Beutler of Beutler Ink and Johanna Janhonen of Hidden treasure were visiting Disambiguation podacast on Augus 2020. The hosts, Stephen Harrison & Omer Benjakob were wondering if paid Wikipedia editing can be ethical too.