Finnish spring stickers “Kevät” by Mattamusta


Finnish spring stickers “Kevät” by Mattamusta

The set contains 20 different stickers inspired by Finnish spring. They can be freely used in your own communication on social media. You must not change the color or appearance of the stickers, but only resize or enlarge their size. Free placement of labels on another image is allowed. The author’s copyright entry cannot be removed. Labels may not be printed or used, for example, to illustrate a web page.

Note: these stickers are only delivered in digital format.


Spring is the best time, also in Finland. Everything is so fresh and the light is so beautiful after a long and dark winter.

Now would you like to add a piece of Finnish spring to your social  media content?

Kirsikka Heimonen of Mattamusta (her firs name is cherry, isn’t it lovely?) made a series of stickers inspired by Finnish spring for Hidden treasure’s web store.  You can use them as such on your social media channels, e.g. with help of Canva.

All the stickers have a transparent background so they are easy to glue on top of your photos.

These stickers are available only at Hidden treasure’s web store!

Mattamusta and Kirsikka Heimonen?

Johanna found Mattamusta from Instagram and fell in love with her style. See yourself: @mattamusta.

This is what Kirsikka tells about her company:

“Mattamusta (literately Matte Black) is a flexible single-person communications company that provides remote, graphic design, writing and content production services. Designing logos and visuals, different types of layout work, writing letterheads, or even stickers are projects where I can help. I am a South Karelian-based graphic designer and Master of Arts and I enjoy watercolour painting, photography and singing alone in a car, dreaming of publishing a novel. ”


Mattamusta’s spring stickers set called Kevät cointains the following stickers:

  • Two frames
  • Roundish stickers with texts:
    Kevät tulee (spring comes) or in English Spring is here
    Valoa kohti (towards the light) or in English Lovely light
    Kevään ensimmäinen (spring’s first)
    Kevät (spring) or in English Spring
  • Shapes:
    Two Suns, a round one and a corner of the Sun (aurinko in Finnish)
    Coltsfoot (leskenlehti in Finnish)
    Anemone hepatica aka common hepatica, liverwort, kidneywort, pennywort, (sinivuokko in Finnish)
    Seedling in a pot (taimi ruukussa)
  • Text in Finnish “On siis kevät” (so it is spring) decorated with hepatica and leaves or the same in English with text ”It is finally spring”
  • Two shapes you can fill with your own texts:


After you’ve paid for you strickers you can get a link, from where you can download the stickers you want.

Note: Kirsikka has promised to make also English versions of the texts.

The set costs EUR 22,32 (that’s USD 24.87   and AUD 40.35  and JPY 2,684 and GBP 19.97   on 28 March 2020)

See how the stickers has already been used:


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