How to follow the changes on your Wikipedia page


Following the changes made to a Wikipedia article

Let an experienced Wikipedian tell you everything you need to know about following a Wikipedia article.


Do you worry about someone adding misleading information to your Wikipedia article?


Let Johanna Janhonen help you by telling you everything you need to know about how to follow the changes made to a Wikipedia article.

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Johanna Janhonen who?

Johanna Janhonen has been writing to Wikipedia for her customers since 2010. But Johanna is not only a paid editor – she is also part of the global Wikimedia movement. She has been in the board of Wikimedia Finland for three years and was volunteering in Wikimania 2019 leading the social media team for the most important yearly seminar of Wikimedia community. In Finland she is among the top-50 most productive Wikipedia editors. So far she has been more active in Finnish Wikipedia but the amount of English edits is constantly growing.  As a Wikimedia member she respects the COI (conflict of interest) rules and is, unlike many other paid editors following the reporting rules very strickly. That’s why she has got a “barnstar”: